Zerobird is a screen printing and design studio located in the historic Feather Loft building in Chicago’s West Town Industrial Corridor. Run by the husband and wife team of Jennifer Burak and Dan Spielman. We make extremely efficient use of the 18’ x 18’ space where we do all our designing, file prep, screen exposure, printing, sewing and packaging. All prints ( paper, tshirt and fabric ) are hand pulled using water based inks and soy based solvents. Our equipment is mostly handmade using salvaged materials - the tables were even built from torn down walls in our old studio. We also enjoy embracing traditional printing methods whenever possible, including Rubylithe transfers. View all our available services here. 



We create our own original screen printed artwork and collaborate on client projects. Here's a little background:


Jennifer grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and was trained as a Graphic Designer before traveling to San Francisco, Germany, and Minneapolis to pursue a career in advertising as an Art Director. She finally settled in downtown Chicago in 2006, began biking, riding the el, falling in love with the city and spending way too much time tied to the computer. What started as a weekend lesson with Steve Walters at Screwball Press in 2008 purely for fun, quickly became setting up a make shift studio in the corner of her apartment and creating a brand to participate in the Renegade Craft Fairs. Jennifer then began selling prints and handmade pillows in stores around Chicago, spending any free moments printing and sewing. In 2011, she left full time advertising work to focus on Zerobird. She also began teaching screen printing classes to 4th-8th graders on the north side of Chicago, exposing them to the craft for the first time. Jennifer still freelances as an Art Director.


Dan is originally from Brookfield, IL. He started out college as a Fine Arts and Business major and wound up in the corporate world for many years before finding his way back to art.  An expert with Adobe Illustrator and  an xacto blade, he started back with Graphic Design and production work.  In 2012, he met Jennifer and quickly fell for the ( traditional, meticulous ) process of screen printing.  Dan relocated to Chicago and began working at a commercial t-shirt printing shop.  On the side he was designing and screen printing t-shirts and posters for his own band and soon had requests to create art for some of his favorite bands in the city. Everything from logos to album artwork. Dan is the Zerobird Studio resident t-shirt expert and guitar picker. When not creating art, he can be found playing bluegrass at the studio and all over the city. 



The name Zerobird is a tribute to the Jordans. Two wonderfully unique lovebirds that were cherished for many years. Jen and Dan now have two lovely cats; neither of which ate the Jordans.