We're traveling in January. Our shop section of the site will reopen at the end of the month. Just send a message us with any questions!



Zerobird is the screen printing and design work of Jennifer Burak and Dan Spielman. Our studio is located in the historic Feather Loft building in Chicago’s West Town Industrial Corridor. That's where we do all the designing, file prep, screen exposure, printing, sewing and packaging for all our products. Making extremely efficient use of the 18’ x 18’ space.

All prints (paper, tshirt and fabric) are hand pulled using water based inks and soy based solvents. Our equipment is mostly handmade using salvaged materials - the tables were even built from torn down walls in our old studio. We also enjoy embracing traditional printing methods whenever possible, including Rubylithe transfers. The studio isn’t fancy but we use the highest quality materials for our products. 



We're still finishing up our new website that will showcase the full range of our work. In addition to the pillows, prints and tshirts for sale, we also do design and print work for local bands, non profits organizations and small businesses. If you have a project that you think would be a good fit, definitely get in touch!



The name Zerobird is a tribute to the Jordans. Two wonderfully unique lovebirds that were cherished for many years. Jen and Dan now have two lovely cats; neither of which ate the Jordans.